Pokémon Go for Apple iOS – Download for iPhone & iPad

You must be deeply fond of the Pokemon Go game if you are a 90’s kid. This game reminds us of our past.  The game is based on the Pokemon show that we enjoyed in the 90’s. Not discovered very long time ago, This game was already successful in creating a massive impact in the web world.

The game demands the players to move around a fictional world looking for Pokémon’s. The players have to face particular challenges which make the game even more compelling. You will hardly be able to get over the game once you start playing it.

The addictive bit of the game is because it reminds us how great our childhood was. Developed by Niantic, This game has been released in The U.S.A and Australia on the 6th of July 2016.

Some Inbuilt Features of the App:


  1. The Players have to create their Avatar once they log in to play the game.
  1. Your role is to make your Avatar move in the virtual world and hunt Pokémon’s.
  1. There is a map provided for a better recognition of the Virtual World which helps the players ease up a good deal of work.
  1. The players face a lot of surprising fights which has a contribution in keeping the players interested.
  1. The game is an experience that is hard to find.

Pros and Cons of the Pokémon Go Game:


  1. The Game reminds us of a lot of good memories that we had in our childhood. It gives the users a very memorable experience.
  1. It does not involve a very complicated gameplay and is easily understood and played by all age groups.
  1. The game is very well designed and gathers a lot of attention.
  1. We cannot entirely ignore the fact that it gets a lot of love from people


  1. The gameplay and fights are overly simple and might be boring for a certain section of individuals.
  1. The game consumes an enormous amount of energy, and you have to make sure that your battery if fully charged once you start playing the game.
  1. It is a time-consuming game and hence you have to take care of you not having any other work to complete.

How to Download the game on your IOS:


  1. As Pokémon Go is not available in India as of yet, it becomes a little difficult for the users to get hold of the game.
  1. You have to change the language and region visiting the ‘settings’ option from your device.
  1. You have to change it to either NewZealand Or USA. Australia will also do.
  1. The next step is to visit the app store and look for the game.
  1. You do not have to do much after this, Just click Install.
  1. If you are not comfortable with the above-mentioned procedure, You can click on the direct link.

Pokemon Go Apk Download for Restricted Countries

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly the new talk of the town. This application aged just a few days is successful in winning hearts all over the world. This is a 90’s game and is very relatable.
The game is developed by Niantic and was released in the US, Australia, and New Zealand on the 6th of July in the year 2016. The game is simple to play which is why it is all the more interesting. Based on a cartoon show of the 90’s, this game has already managed to make others smile.
The most compelling part of the game is that you get back your childhood memories. The game is designed in a very simple way. The players have to move across their city hunting down Pokemon’s.

If at all you should have it:

This game is not appropriate for the people who has a job to attend. This game takes a lot of time to progress, and that can be a significant disadvantage. All you have to do is, Go around your city looking for them. It takes you to the fantasy world, and you get happy trying to invade the childhood memories. The game includes exciting battles, which might be of great interest to the players. The game is also updated with amazing graphics which pulls in a lot of viewers. The fact that the game area is mapped makes the game way more interesting.
However, there are certain drawbacks of the game that has to be treated. The most important one is the fact that it takes too much time to progress. There is a scarcity of design which again adds to the weaknesses. The game is also very energy consuming, and you have to make sure that you have enough charge on your battery before you start playing the game.

How to download the Pokemon Go game on your Android:

1. The game is available in Google Play Store but only in the U.S.A, Australia, and NewZealand.
2. If you have to get hold of the game, and you are not a resident of these countries, However you can bypass the restriction by downloading it from here. – Pokemon Go Apk
3. Once you visit the site, look for the game and press ‘ Install’.
4. If the above steps do not prove to be useful, click on the above link to download the application.